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A girl can never have too many handbags!

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Let's take a look at a few fresh off the runway styles for 2018!

#1. Fringe On Your Bags

Fringe was all over this season’s runways, adding a south-western twang to the spring outfits. Fringe also made it to the spring/ summer 2018 handbag trends, where it flowed down from all manner of bags, complementing the rest of the season’s designs perfectly.

At Balenciaga, large sack-style bags were covered in a thick fringe, cut out from a fabric that had been emblazoned with the brand’s name.

There was more fringe than bag on the Calvin Klein runway, where bright bucket bags were positively covered in it. The fringe went past the bag, in what we are not certain is a comfortable bag, is certainly a chic one.

Never one to be mundane, Donatella created a bejeweled fringe on the bags at Versus Versace that was unusually ornate, in a symmetrical design, on handbags with an envelop closing, in bright colors.

Fringe was also a key design elements on the spring 2018 bags on the runways of Alexander Wang, Carven, Christian Dior, and more.

#2. Solid Bags

We saw sporty elements all over the runways, which included the spring/ summer 2018 bag trends. One of the ways we saw sporty bags was with solid backpacks and purses that looked perfect for more extreme adventures where you might need your wares truly protected.
At Louis Vuitton, there were gray backpacks with a rounded top, with lots of sporty straps perfect for attaching carabiners. There were also lunchbox style bags, in a similar design.

At Balenciaga, solid plastic handbags in striking colors were like the chic version of a construction worker’s lunchbox – tough and sturdy, but also impeccably designed.

#3. Brands Front and Center

A bag is one of the best signs of wealth, which is why people will always buy bags with large logos and prominent brand names. Designers know this to be true, which is why their logos graced many of the spring/ summer 2018 purses.

With a brand like Christian Dior, where there are so many iconic design elements, you really cannot fault anyone for making the name of the brand be so prominent. All kinds of bags, clutches, and purses proudly displayed the name of the label, or variations on the slogan “J’Adore Dior”.

At Lanvin, pointillist jewel appliques were used to emphasize the brand name, on top of a red envelope bag. At Moschino, the brand name was everywhere, including on the spring 2018 bags. Clean white bags were embossed with the name of the label in stark black.

#4. Fur Bags

The spring and summer seasons are too hot for fur elements on clothes, but what if you still want to show off some ridiculous opulence? Having a furry bag is a great way to go! It’s ridiculous in the kind of way that you can really only get away with bags.

Almost every bag at Altuzarra was covered in a fuzzy white or black fur, from clutches to saddlebags, channeling winter in a whimsical way that gives a nice counter to all the summery clothing.

At Sachin & Babi, a loudly colored fur trim decorated the edge of bags and clutches, a design choice that ended up working well because the main print of the bag was matched to the outfit. We saw some furry boxes at Marni, Simone Rocha, Roberto Cavalli, and more.

#5. Handle with Charm

If you’re opting for a chain handle on your bag, why not opt for a truly charming one? Many designers blurred the difference between the spring 2018 handbags and jewelry, by decorating their chains with lovely and adorable charms.

Chains covered with charms were a lovely way of making the bags at Alexander McQueen both cute and a little punk. The chains on the bags, which were carried like clutches, ended up looking like bracelets, which really reinforce the concept of a bag as an accessory.

At Balenciaga, charmed chains gave a lovely touch to the clutches, working well with the delicate design.

#6. Small Cross-Body Bags

Cross-body bags are the perfect choice for a wild night out, because they hold exactly a bit of money, a phone, and a lipstick, and they won’t bounce around too much when you dance. Designers came up with some really gorgeous cross-body bags for spring 2018, to go with any wild outfit you choose.

At Creatures of the Wind, these plain black bags (with some circular handle elements creating interest) were created to go with any outfit, and to work even for more sophisticated occasions.

Like in the rest of the Tory Burch collection, the simple bags had some bohemian elements that were minimalist rather than overdone. Glittery cross-body bags made a splash at Valentino as the perfect choice for an outgoing party girl.

#7. Bags Feeling Patchy

Some designers harkened back to the ‘70s punk rock scene by covering the spring 2018 bags with patches. This was not just backpacks we’re talking about, but all manner of purses, in some cases making for interesting juxtapositions.

At Libertine, sleek leather clutches were covered in post-modernist patches like a photo of Salvador Dali or the iconic cover of Velvet Underground’s Sunday Morning.

At Coach 1941, we saw cute, colorful patches on top of more classy Coach-esque designs in fabric and leather. Lastly, at Vivienne Tam, patches had a bohemian vibe, with colorful suns and moons pairing perfectly with braided decorations attached to the handle.


#7. Transparent Bags

Transparent and PVC items were a key trend everywhere, from the spring 2018 shoe trends to the summer 2018 fashion trends, including as part of the summer 2018 bag trends. In addition to boots, and various clothing items, we saw all manner of bags – although especially handbags – made of clear, transparent materials.

At Celine, models carried clear bags with drawstring tops – a more casual take on the transparent trend, that would be perfect for a beach day or casual errands.

Truly absurd was a clear plastic briefcase at Helmut Lang, which was unfortunately left empty on the runway, although we are sure that fashionistas will find lots of creative ways to fill it up and make it even more interesting.

At Valentino, a plastic-y envelope purse was a great old-school way of making bags in this trend. Lastly, at Chanel, naturally there were many clear PVC bags made to match with the iconic clear boots the models wore on the runway.



#8. Bags with Floral Prints

You can’t have a list of spring 2018 handbags without mentioning all of the gorgeous floral designs and prints. Flowers are the key part of the spring/ summer 2018 print trends, and it was more than adequately represented in the various bags we saw on the runway.

Some of my favorite floral prints were part of the Giorgio Armani bag collection. The prints were colorful, with a handpainted-feel, and they really stood out over bags and clutches made of white leather.

At Blumarine, the trend of round bags was combined with a floral print. The bag was black, while the floral print was in various of purple. From Max Mara we saw one of the more delicate floral prints – tiny flowers, matching to the outfit, all over a large white bag.

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